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If you want a special and unique way to say thank you, show someone you care or celebrate an occasion then why not say it with cake?

Everyone expects a wedding cake at a wedding and a birthday cake at a birthday party, so why not think outside of the box and order a cake for that special someone just to show them you love them, to say sorry or to celebrate an unusual event, for example a divorce.

There are several cake makers around who can create bespoke and beautiful cakes for traditional occasions such as wedding cakes, celebration cakes and anniversary cakes. However, if you shop around you can find cake decorating experts who will be able to create any cake you desire to celebrate anything.

Or perhaps you do have a wedding or a birthday coming up but you want your cake to be truly out of the ordinary. If you shop around you'll be able to find a cake decorator that will be able to fulfil your every need and create a truly unique cake that will have people talking for years to come.

Divorce cakes are becoming more and more popular and you can choose a stylish or a funny design if you want to purchase one of these. Another type of cake which is growing in popularity, particularly in the UK is a groom's cake.

Originally an American tradition it's becoming popular for British men to have their own special cake on their special day. These can range from the stylish and masculine to something that represents the groom such as a sports car, fishing boat or even a six pack of beer!

Another option for weddings that is becoming more and more common is having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. Your cake designer will be able to create beautiful, bespoke and individual cakes that can tie in with the colour scheme and theme of your wedding. The beauty of having cup cakes is that you can have different types of cake. For example if you prefer fruitcake but your partner likes chocolate, if you choose cupcakes you can have both.

Whatever you want your cake to look like a professional cake designer should be able to fulfil your needs. If you have a friend who's going overseas, why not commission a suitcase shaped cake. If your partner loves Elvis, how about an Elvis cake. If your birthday girl is a fan of ballet, you could choose some ballet shoes.

Whatever you decide, you're gesture will always be remembered fondly if you say it with cake.

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Say It With Cake

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This article was published on 2011/06/09