Photo Cakes - A decent way to celebrate your memorable occasion!

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Photo cake is now becoming a new way to celebrate memorable occasion like marriage anniversary, child’s birthday, father’s day, mother’s day etc. Photo cake as its name suggests is a cake that has a photo on top of it this photo could be of any one whether it would be your child, spouse, relatives, girl friend, boy friend, mother or father or a family photo. Everybody thinks that photo cake could be harmful for health but to be frank it is not harmful because it is made up of 100% edible color and photo is taken on corn paper which is also 100% edible. Photo cake can be made in any flavor whether it would be vanilla, chocolate, black-forest, strawberry etc. Photo cakes are always plane at the top because photo cannot be mold but cake can be of different shape like square shape, rectangular shape, round shape, heart shape and double heart shaped. Mostly heart shaped is suitable for valentine’s celebration or in case of birthday of your boy friend and girl friend, double heart is most popular in case of marriage anniversary. As like other cakes photo cakes are also available with or without eggs because in country like India where most of the people are vegetarian not eat cakes just because it contain eggs but they can also enjoys their celebration with egg less cakes.

I have being a part of many parties since my childhood and saw that many occasion are incomplete without cakes. Parties that I have attended in recent past year shocked me with the popularity of photo cake as I have seen almost 3 or 4 out of 10 cakes are photo cake. This recent trend is a sign of interest in photo cakes. It is always a joyful moment to see a photo cake in front of you and those who see a photo cake always wanted it to be in a part of their celebration too. Recently I have celebrated my own birthday with one of my coolest picture on cake. When I have opened the box the gathering were amazed to see the cake and they put their eyes on cake instead of birthday boy. At the end of party almost 10 people has asked me a single question and the question was “from where you have got this cake”.

Photo cakes are now easily available on websites and cake stores but interesting fact is that online cake store provides you home delivery at a nominal price and some of them charge nothing for delivery. There are various things to note if you are buying from online store first thing is that you are required make order well before the day of celebration, second thing is that your surprise may go in vain as the delivery time of the cake is unpredictable. Buying photo cake from cake store is not a cake walk because every cake store is not capable of providing photo cake and finding a good quality cake store is always a difficult task.

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Photo Cakes - A decent way to celebrate your memorable occasion!

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This article was published on 2013/07/15